What’s it all worth to you?

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Have you ever built such a focus and drive to accomplish something in your life that it consumes all your thoughts?

I heard a story not too long ago about an individual leading their organization in sales. The leaders of the organization were telling their story as motivation to the rest of the sales team. This individual was highly motivated and ambitious, which we all need in life, but the story told, made me cringe.

What was highlighted the most, or even praised, was that they worked 12-hour days? The organization leader also had to put a rule in place…

Don’t let your future happiness hold your present joy hostage any longer.

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Happiness feels so far in the distance sometimes that we thoughtlessly trade the present for its potential in the future.

In the past, I’ve been guilty of believing I could be happy, as many of you probably have as well.

“If only (fill in the blank) would happen in my life.”

Money. Relationships. Possessions. Status. Positions.

Essentially, a perceived need for a necessary and specific outcome held my happiness hostage.

Are you ever guilty of this thinking?

Do you delay your peace of mind or happiness or joy in your life?

We will never have our lives just as we…

“History teaches that we face nothing new under the sun.” — Jim Mattis

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All around us is a barrage of news reports, social media posts, and commentary from people that believe we are experiencing never seen before trials and tribulations.

However, the truth is that despite the ‘unprecedented’ troubles of our time, most of these things aren’t as unprecedented as we think they are.

Many of today’s troubles history has already witnessed and wrote about before. Plagues? Divisiveness? Poor leadership? All of these things and the personal challenges you may be facing have books available to teach us through.

Four-star General Jim Mattis served 44 years in the Marine Corps, leading American troops…

“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Failing in life is an incredible soul-sucking experience. Not only do you feel like a loser, but it’s an exhausting experience that drains any last piece of energy you may have left in the tank.

I should know. I’ve failed — a lot.

I’d love to tell you about how I’ve failed at starting a million-dollar company or couldn’t quite cut it in the big leagues. I’d rather talk about how I had a great job until the 2008 recession but then lost my job and started over or that when I finished my degree in 2011, there wasn’t a…

“Competition is for losers.” — Peter Theil

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If you are competing with anyone other than yourself, you’re going to lose.

Many of us have been guilty at points in our lives of competing for something that wasn’t even what we truly desired. There is something inherent inside us as human beings that draws us to a desire to be better than those around us.

The problem is that often it’s in a pursuit that is incongruent or a diversion from our path. …

It’s an art and your success is depending on it.

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Emerson said a person’s destiny is a reflection of who one is determined to become.

So, how do we decide who we become?

In your pursuit to live your vision — the vision you’ve chosen for yourself, not what the world or your surroundings push you towards — you must decide what you choose to be, your path to take.

When you discover this path and follow it, you’ll experience peace of mind that only the genuinely confident experience. …

If you don’t take the time, what will happen?

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It’s an incredibly stressful role in life. It not only demands your physical energy, but it also requires something of you mentally that you’ve probably never experienced.

I love waking up every morning knowing that I’m working towards something I’m proud to be creating, despite the stress, pressure, and uncertainty rolling around in my head.

However, I have found that it’s crucial to develop some daily habits to help me appreciate my journey. Daily practices outside of the hustle, away from the grind. Little daily actions that help keep me centered and in command of my happiness.

We think —…

Because I made a promise.

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I write because it makes me happy.

I write because it allows me to be creative.

I write because it’s the closest thing I’ve ever felt to spending hours in my driveway, taking shot after shot after shot at a basketball hoop.

I write because it feels right.

I write because I can’t not write.

I write because my soul needs it, no, requires it.

I write because somewhere inside my soul, there’s something that needs to come out, something that must be expressed, said, and I don’t know a more effective way.

I write because I need to exercise…

For anyone struggling to get off the mark with their creative project, entrepreneurial pursuit, or online business.

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Starting something comes with an incredible amount of uncertainty. Will this be successful? Will it be worth my time? Is this a good idea or a bad idea?

It doesn’t take long before you’re overanalyzing — over strategizing. And you are overthinking everything involved with this project.

Look, let’s be honest. Our mind’s only concern in this phase is finding comfort in knowing — whatever it is — will be successful, will work out.

We want certainty our online business will yield a profit. We want a guarantee that our book idea is brilliant, to people other than our family…

More action, less thinking.

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Everyone overthinks parts of their life from time to time. Drive, ambition, quest for more wisdom and knowledge sometimes prevent us from taking action on the things we need to take action on.

“People become attached to their burdens sometimes,” said George Bernard Shaw, “more than the burdens are attached to them.”

You’re human. It’s easy to want things to work the best they can in life. So, you overthink it. You plan, strategize, and want to take actions that will prove to be just right.

I know this has been a struggle many times in my life. It still…

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