Rules make life easier.

When you’re younger, you despise routine, efficiency, and worst of all, rules. It feels too structured and mundane.

However, as you get older, make more extensive plans for your future, set goals, and have responsibilities and people who rely on you, rules become incredibly important. Developing your personal practices provides…

Perhaps time really is money — or maybe time is even more valuable than we realize.

Investor Graham Duncan coined the phrase, “Time Billionaires.” It refers to having a billion seconds or more left in life. For context, 31 years equals a billion seconds. None of us know how much time we have, but let’s assume we plan on living the best we can.

So, how…

It starts with acceptance.

In Brad Stulburg’s book, The Practice of Groundedness, Stulberg writes about a trait that many ambitious people — creators, entrepreneurs, athletes, etc. — have in common. ‘Heroic Individualism,’ which is defined as:

“An ongoing game of one-upmanship, against both yourself and others, paired with the limiting belief that measurable achievement…

Chase Arbeiter

Here to share in my own words, the things that inspire me!

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