You Don’t Have to Read Hundreds of Books to be a Power Reader

Most people think that you must force your way through 100 books a year to be a power reader.

Somewhere, and I’m not sure where the self-development world convinced us that you aren’t really a reader if you aren’t reading more. Yes, you need more ideas, strategies, and mindsets…but we can’t master them all, can we?

So, this results in:

  • Fewer people are picking up books.
  • Fewer people are transforming their future with books.
  • Fewer people cultivate true wisdom found in the pages of books.

It Only Takes One Book or Idea to Change Your Life

You could drastically transform your life through one tiny idea.

In 2015, I read Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday, which would drastically change the course of my reading, personal development, and future growth. While I’ve read many more books since then, including more books that shook me to my core, when I read this book, it was only the 3rd book I had read in the five years. You don’t have to read hundreds of books.

You Need to Search Books For Answers, Not to Claim How Many You’ve Read.

Your reading should be an active hunt to find actionable and practical wisdom to use in your life…immediately.

When you begin to read with this strategy, you’ll make improvements quicker and see 10X results in your life. You’ll be hungry to read more books, not for your stats, but to continue gathering great concepts to build a brighter future.

There’s An Abundance of Books in the World, Focus on the Books That Will Change Your Life

You don’t have to read hundreds of books to be a power reader.

Start more books. Seek out the few that will change your life. Re-read the books that impact you most. Find great recommendations. Read the books that help you with your goals right now.

Whatever you do, don’t avoid reading, because you think it’s quantity over quality.

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