Want More Happiness On Your Way To Success? Enforce These Habits.

Don’t set your happiness elsewhere while you seek your life’s largest goals.

Chase Arbeiter
3 min readMar 29, 2022


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If you want to experience more happiness in the present on your way to success, you’ll have to master these four habits.

In the last three years, I’ve doubled my income, tripled my writing output, overcome challenges holding me back, and set new highs in life for happiness and joy. I’ve found a place of true internal peace, even while pursuing an unaccomplished goal. I want to share the critical habits that have helped me.

I hope these simple habits help you find more happiness in your journey towards success.

Be In Control Of Your Technology

If you want more peace of mind, you must be in control of your devices.

There are distractions everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, email, texts…it never ends. You have to be the one who takes control of this. How will you control your happiness if you can’t control your devices? You must set intentions to be in control of these things.

Here are some rules to consider:

  • Set daily limits for each device.
  • Set specific times to check email.
  • Set specific times to engage on social media.
  • Don’t look at your phone first 60 minutes of the day.

Cultivate A Growth Mindset

Continuing to expand your mind will inspire your growth towards new horizons in life — which is incredibly fulfilling.

You may not be where you want to be yet. But with each new day of learning, you will move your life forward, keeping things fresh and fulfilling. Read the books about things that interest you. Listen to podcasts with people who inspire you. Take courses on skills you want to build.

Manage Your Self-care

Maintaining a great headspace is essential to living a happy life.

Without it, you will struggle. Too little sleep will wear you down. Not enough downtime will spread you too thin. Don’t neglect this critical component of your life. Manage your mental health, fatigue, physical endurance, and lifestyle with healthy habits to set you up for success.

Be Present With People You Love

Loving is a part of any success equation.

Peace and presence with those you love the most is the purest happiness in the world. Laughing, smiling, and spending effortless time with those you love will force you to break from funks in life. Who you love should not be the centerpiece of your happiness. But the inspiration that deep love can bring to your life is incomparable. Live your life with deep love in your heart for someone.

The path towards unachieved goals sometimes feels long, but if you stick to these critical habits, your happiness doesn’t have to take a backseat along the arduous journey.

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