Want a Super Easy Way to Improve Your Future? Start Writing (And Avoid Netflix)

Chase Arbeiter
2 min readMar 20


Time is rarely what stands between us and our ultimate goals.

It’s much more likely procrastination is our enemy.

Nothing is more disruptive to your future goals than not going to bed, so you can wake up ready to build your future.

We waste a lot of time delaying the necessary change.

Instead of watching another episode or scrolling another 25 minutes, go to bed, so you can wake up early to write:

1. Write about a failure.

Everyone has them. Yours is no less embarrassing.

Not only are your failures not worth hiding, but they’re a sneaky little advantage. Your failures are unique to your story. And your story is worth telling.

2. Write about the future you want.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you see writing as a skill to help you build a brighter future: online portfolio, start a business, become a solopreneur, start an agency.

So go for it. Don’t hold back. And write about the future you want to see writing take you.

3. Write about what you’re obsessed with.

What’s that thing everyone else thinks you’re weird for liking so much?

Lean into it. Embrace it. That ‘thing’ that makes you so weird is exactly what you should start writing about. It’s unlikely you won’t have plenty to say about it.

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