This 1 Simple Question Provides a Filter For (Almost) Every Decision I Make

Chase Arbeiter
1 min readJan 19, 2023

I believe the happiest people in the world are experts in making decisions.

Happiness requires one to be definitive on what they want from life. Prioritizing is a skill set that deepens the roots of your life. If you use critical thinking in the right direction, you’ll 10X your life rapidly.

So here’s a question I use in my life to strengthen its roots, now and for the future:

Does this (commitment/saying ‘yes’/opportunity/habit) get me closer to my perfect day?

Too many people are ignoring this question in their lives.

They think it’s impossible to consider. Traditional jobs and ways of earning money seem ‘in the way’ of an intentional view of life. But the older I get, the more I’m not buying our excuses.

Agree or not…I challenge you to consider this question the next time you are faced with a critical decision about your time.

It’s your life.

So the next time your time or best intentions are challenged, try this little question out.

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