Think You’re Ready to Start Writing? Pick 1 of These in 2023 and Just Start (Even if You Have a 9–5)

Chase Arbeiter
2 min readJan 14, 2023

I wish I’d started writing 20 years ago.

I was scared. Thought it was risky or something. Probably too lazy. Didn’t know what to write about. Some combination of it all kept me from starting something I now obsess over.

Stop waiting to get started writing.

Here are a few ways to get started (even if you have a 9–5):

  1. Write tweets. This is the gateway drug of writing. Share your thoughts or favorite quote or random story. Easy way to begin the greatest habit of your life.
  2. Write Atomic Essays. Like this. Short and sweet. 300 words are enough to go a little deeper than a random thought but not have to outline a 1500-word article.
  3. Write threads. Want to take your essay a step further? Write threads. Threads are a great way to take a good essay and expand on it to put more of your growing thought into the world.
  4. Write on Medium. Is it Medium dead? I don’t know. I started writing there in 2019 and enjoyed every minute of it. If you like writing articles and giving yourself 1,000 words to get an idea across, it’s an excellent place to write.
  5. Write on LinkedIn. Another great option to start writing. You will need basic copywriting skills for this platform, and remember to write like your reader’s boss is watching them.

If you’re serious about starting to write or taking it to the next level, you must join Ship 30.

The wisdom and insight that comes from @dickiebush and @Nicolascole77 is INSANE!!

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