These Are The Mindsets That Keep You From Being Super Successful

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Be Patient

I know, not the first thing you want to hear, but it’s true. You need to be patient with yourself. But let me be clear on where your patients must be applied.

Be Objective

One of, if not the most extraordinary, and rare personal mindsets that you can develop is the ability to be objective. Any genuinely great investor has learned, if not, mastered their ability to be objective about their investments.

  • Am I willing to make the sacrifices that it will take to reach my goals?
  • Am I the person I need to be, to achieve this level of a goal?
  • Am I working hard on controlling what I can control?


Have you ever seen that ridiculous exercise where you email the five most prominent people in your life and ask them where you could improve as a person, partner, or employee? I’m not dismissing the whole thought process, it comes from the right place, but it just seems like it’s packed with a lot of potential dynamite.

Belief In Yourself

You must have undeniable confidence in yourself if you are going to be super successful. It’s a necessity for your ability to create success and chase your dreams.

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Photo by Ian Kim on Unsplash

Be Willing to Fail

Failure has gotten a bad reputation. We tend to think that failure is something that we should altogether avoid and never get near it. Similar to that social distancing practice you have right now.

Choose Pain Over Comfort

Have you ever gone out for a 3-mile run, and halfway through started hearing that voice say, “just stop, this hurts?” If you have, you’ve most likely listened to that voice at least once, and quit after you heard it.

Crazy Focus

Think about the look that was on Michael Jordan’s face when the Bulls would come out of a timeout at the end of a game. The whole world was watching him about to take the last shot. Everyone knew — including the other team — that he was going to take the shot. All the pressure in the world is resting on his shoulders.

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