Success Is Hard: Measure, Track, and Define It On Your Own Terms

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Success is hard. Even more so if you don’t have the right mindset, know how to track it, and set standards for it.

By intentionally measuring your success, you will develop a laser focus on your journey and stop comparing it to anything externally.

Here are four exercises that help cultivate this mindset in your life.

Measure YOUR Experience:

When you focus solely on measuring YOUR experience, you develop tunnel vision, which is highly effective in your success journey.

Ask yourself, “Am I valuing MY experience or comparing it to someone else?

Keep an inner scorecard. Don’t worry about what others are accomplishing. You have your own goals, desires, and ambitions. Focus on those.

Track Your GAINS:

When you track your GAINS, you live with an abundance mindset.

Every night list three victories in your day that you are proud you accomplished. Celebrate the small wins, only focus on successes. Enough stuff will go wrong through your day, but there’s no need to focus on that. Learn from your victories.

Set Your “Success Criteria”:

How will you know if you’re succeeding in life if you haven’t adequately defined it?

Make a list of 10 things that define a successful life for you. Make it an internal list, just for you, and keep your focus on this list. You’re no longer allowing the external world to define your success.

Let Go of What’s Weighing You Down:

Sometimes you have to let go of things that don’t make your list or bring value to your life.

“Will it make the boat go faster?” — 1912 British Rowing Team

Let it go if it doesn’t help you, isn’t necessary, or isn’t part of the plan towards your success. Your focus is on your internal success card.

I hope you start defining and measuring YOUR success.

Shout out to Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan for these great ideas in The Gap and The GAIN.

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I talk about how to apply practical life strategies to elevate your future and build the life YOU want.

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Chase Arbeiter

Chase Arbeiter

I talk about how to apply practical life strategies to elevate your future and build the life YOU want.

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