How to Ignore “This Sucks” Voice, So You Can Publish More

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I’m going to provide some ideas to help you ignore the voice in your head that prevents you from publishing more.

This voice is holding you back. It’s holding me back. It’s holding so many back. We can move one step closer to crafting our writing when we ignore this voice.

After this, I hope you’ll find at least one nugget that will help you on those days that voice is loud.

If you don’t master this voice, you’ll never learn how to say what you need to say.

Here are the other reasons your work is not getting into the world.

  • You aren’t allowing yourself to write crap.
  • You think it must be perfect.
  • You’re unfairly comparing your writing.

You can fix all these things immediately by focusing on one thing above everything else.


Here’s how to step by step:

Step 1: Collect Ideas

Having a bag full of ideas is 75% of the problem.

Write them down. Collect them. Let them marinate in your head. You can obsess, judge, or refine them much, much later.

Just collect them for now.

Step 2: Take an idea from your collection and write about it.

Again, don’t judge it. Just start writing and see what comes out.

It might be horrible. It might be the best thing ever. There’s no way to know until you write about it and see where it goes.

Step 3: Publish it.

Throw this idea — good or bad — right out into the world.

Let it be judged, critiqued, and ignored. Either way, you published an idea, allow it to breathe, and can now work on the next one with more experience, confidence, and trust in yourself.

Good ideas will find their way. It may take a lot of shots.

So keep shooting!

How do you ingore this voice?

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I talk about how to apply practical life strategies to elevate your future and build the life YOU want.

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Chase Arbeiter

Chase Arbeiter

I talk about how to apply practical life strategies to elevate your future and build the life YOU want.

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