How To Boldly Run Towards Your Goals, Even With Doubt

Nobody has it all figured out.

Push Through The Fear and Failure

“But when we did fail, we had faith that we’d do it fast, learn from it, and be better for it.”

— Phil Knight

Fear isn’t always a bad thing. There are several occasions in life that fear serves us quite well, for instance: walking into a Lion’s Den, facing a man who is twice our size — in height and anger — or avoiding paying your taxes. In these times, it’s essential to listen to that voice that says, “this seems like a bad idea.”

Keep Going, Keep Growing

The people who fail in life are those who quit moving.

Go Get In The Fight

“Before you can win the fight, you’ve got to be in the fight.”

— Bill Walsh

As the Latin proverb states, “Fortune favours the bold.”

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