Here’s How to Ignore The Scoreboard In Our Pursuits and Focus on What Matters Most

These are the three things to focus on when we don’t like the story.

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Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

We Control The Process — Not The Results

Most of us have heard the phrase “The Process.” Especially if you watch many sports, it seems like the whole sports world is talking about it. Coaches and players alike talk about working their process to get better, and over time grow closer to the results and accomplishments that they are seeking.

Somedays We Won’t Win

Somedays the results — for whatever reason — won’t be there, no matter our efforts, which is why we can’t get caught up in the story of the day.

Keep Going — Find Resilience

When the results aren’t there, and we don’t have the storyline we prefer and have chased — we must understand what comes next. Resilience. The ability to keep moving forward.

Here to share in my own words, the things that inspire me!

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