Dead Simple Rule Your Morning Routine Needs: Avoid Your Phone

Chase Arbeiter
2 min readAug 23, 2022


What would your life look like if you didn’t have a cell phone?

  • Would you have completed that novel you keep thinking about?
  • Would those 25 extremely stingy pounds be MIA for good?
  • Would you be a few years into your journey in building your 7-figure online business?

Imagine, if only for a few minutes, a world in which that little device wasn’t constantly pulling you towards another distraction.

Instead, it was more time for you and your highest ambition to make progress, be forced into progress. After all, what excuse do you have if that little device isn’t talking to you all day?

Great news! There’s a way to live that life, for 60 minutes every morning.

Avoid your phone for the first 60 minutes.

Go old school. Take a little trip back to the ’80s. Allow your focus for 60 minutes to only apply to your biggest intentions without distractions.

Here’s a few of the benefits:

Puts You In Charge

You should reign over your device and not be subject to its every noise.

Check emails on your time. Respond to texts on your time. Be in control.

Directs Your Agenda

Your greatest ambitions only come to fruition when you are executing your agenda.

Your phone is standing in direct competition with that agenda. See it for what it is: an obstacle between you and your best life.

Prevents Unnecessary Rabbit Holes

Nothing waste more time than falling headfirst into an early morning rabbit hole.

Guard against it. Don’t even give yourself a chance to get near it. Avoid the rabbit hole. Say hello to something better.

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