What’s it all worth to you?

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Have you ever built such a focus and drive to accomplish something in your life that it consumes all your thoughts?

I heard a story not too long ago about an individual leading their organization in sales. The leaders of the organization were telling their story as motivation to the rest of the sales team. This individual was highly motivated and ambitious, which we all need in life, but the story told, made me cringe.

What was highlighted the most, or even praised, was that they worked 12-hour days? The organization leader also had to put a rule in place…

Nobody has it all figured out.

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I suppose when we pursue goals in life, deep down, we wish or at least prefer, that we had it all figured out beforehand, which would make the journey shorter. Guarantee, it’s worth it. Provide a glimpse of the future before we put in all the uncertain work.

I suppose we would certainly prefer this ability to look into a crystal ball and see how it all works out. Then, of course, we could avoid pain, dodge obstacles, and sidestep challenges along the way, while all along knowing that success is inevitable.

But as you and I both know, it…

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.” — Jim Rohn

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We’ve all had this thought in our lives and probably even more so in the last year: “When will things just get easier?”

I’ve found myself saying that several times over the last six months as I experience different challenges, take on more responsibility, and push myself to grow in multiple areas of my life — all concurrently with quarantine. It’s been a truly challenging time. Difficult for routine. Time to work or time to spend with my family changes often and on a dime. …

It’s a powerful lesson, despite how it sounds.

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“The truth is, once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.” — Morrie Schwartz

I think about this quote often. No, not in a morbid sense. Instead, in a more-wise-way-to-look-at-life. I don’t want to think about death any more than anyone else does. But, it’s a part of life, we must accept.

How do you live your life, to the fullest, with gratefulness, appreciation for those you love, value the tiny moments you’re present in, and pursue your true meaning and purpose in life if you don’t have an idea of what you want your life to…

And Lead to your most legendary decade ever.

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Who’s your hero?

Who is the person you look up to and admire the most in life? If you could be someone else for their overall qualities that you admire, who would it be?

You could be that person if you choose to.

When Matthew McConaughey was 15, someone asked him, “Who’s your hero?” A couple of weeks later, McConaughey told this person, “It’s me in 10 years.”

He could’ve said an athlete he idolized or an actor he aspired to be like, or a superhero he grew up liking. Nope. Instead, he chose himself. …

It feels counterintuitive, but it may determine your happiness.

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Shakespeare once said that the wise man knows he’s a fool. Age, maturity, and experience all teach us this valuable lesson, whether we want it to or not.

If we’re lucky, we will learn a few lessons in time to actually use them. Still, if you’re like me, I’ve learned the majority of my life-changing lessons the hard way.

Learning how to say ‘no’ is one we all have to learn, sooner or later. ‘No’ to projects, situations that seem like opportunities, damaging emotions — like anger, frustration, distraction, or obsession — and people, places, and things.

Saying ‘no’ will…

It starts with becoming a Professional.

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Your value in life will be set by how others see and measure what you bring to the table. It’s not attached to confidence in yourself and what you believe you’re worth. Belief is great. It certainly helps, and you shouldn’t let go of that.

Still, if you want to make a difference in the marketplace or the organization you work for or prove to anyone you need to show your value — you must follow these strategies that make you invaluable.

At age 23, fresh out of college, a young and unknown Bill Belichick took his first job in…

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On your path to discovering a wiser person within, you find that removing wasteful habits and mindsets is far more useful than adding yet another thing to your life.

In my 20 year journey from the time I was a scared, lost, and hopeless 18 years old, I’ve found more than a few things along the way to throw out and leave behind. Attitudes, mindsets, habits that were all toxic.

Many of these toxic matters require a natural maturation process. Others may develop or remain from days of survival-mode.

How they develop is much less important than how you remove…

Take your personal growth to a place that separates you from where you are today.

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Personal growth in life is more important than achievement. Without it, you’ll never reach the higher levels of yourself.

Personal growth is a constant and consistent development of skills, mindsets, and behaviors that will keep you growing forward over and over and over again.

Why don’t most people continue to grow in their lives?

Whether it’s comfort, contentment, or a lack of desire to improve — many people stop growing and evolving in their lives. Which, if you aren’t careful, can happen to any of us, and the results are scary.

Phil Knight, a co-founder of Nike, wrote about growth…

Are you honest with yourself?

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Let’s put all the compulsions, fears, bad habits, and personal crap we’ve never dealt with aside, and let’s get real.

Are you honest with yourself?

Even better, let’s ask,

“Am I being the person I want to be?”

Am I making the kinds of decisions that I’m proud of? Am I spending my days acting and living by who I desire to be?

It’s easy in life to just get towed along. By the universe, by fortune, by our capabilities and responsibilities. Or, worse, by our pain or cravings or fears. …

Chase Arbeiter

Here to share in my own words, the things that inspire me! chasearbeiter.net

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