5 Things That Help Me Win The Day (And Might Work For You)

Chase Arbeiter
1 min readJan 13


Winning the day is a super simple formula for building a great life. If you don’t have parts of your day that excite you and bring meaning to your existence, it’s hard to live your best life.

Every single day, I wake up ecstatic to do these 5 things:

  1. Write 90 minutes. I try to write for 90 minutes first thing in the morning. I hope to write more. But one 90-minute block is all it takes to give me a sense of progress and let my greatest habit compound.
  2. Journal about life. One sentence. 1 page. 5 minutes. Or half an hour. Doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I spend some time here.
  3. Find wisdom in books. I don’t have all the answers in life. I never will. Still, a little wisdom each day helps me grow, keep my sanity, and learn to live a little better than I did yesterday.
  4. Build closer toward my ideal day. I have a perfect day in mind. It’s pretty specific. I try and make as many decisions in my day to grow toward living out that day full-time.
  5. Love, lead, and be present with my family. Without this, without love, the rest of this list is irrelevant. This is the most critical part of my day and fuels the other parts.

Building a great life doesn’t have to be complicated, just deliberate.

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