5 Reasons Your Life and Business Are Not Where You Want Them To Be

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School doesn’t teach you how to be successful in life.

In fact, it teaches you things that don’t really matter and never touches on the mindsets that create success in the real world. Good grades and facts about subjects you’ll never use are pointless in the real world.

If you aren’t where you want to be in your life or business, consider if you are struggling with any of these:

1. You Aren’t Consistent

Show up every day and taking action is the first step toward success in anything.

It’s not showing up and taking perfect action. As Voltaire wrote, “The best is the enemy of the good.” Stop focusing on how good you have to be and put your energy into marking another X off the calendar.

2. You’re Not Willing to Fail Enough

Failure is just part of the game…even if you’ve been taught not to do it.

Nobel Price winner Shinya Yamanaka said, “I can see any failure as a chance.” That’s a superpower. Use it, learn from it, gain fuel from it, but whatever you do — don’t avoid it.

There’s plenty of failure on your way to success, and it just can’t be avoided.

3. You’re Not Good At Beating Resistance

If you can’t consistently beat Resistance, you will never graduate from being an amateur.

“Resistance hates it when we turn pro,” wrote author and ‘Resistance’ expert, Stephen Pressfield. The only way you stand a chance of beating Resistance is by showing up consistently and working through any distractions.

Focus is not only a premium in today’s world but a requirement in producing success.

4. You Still Think It’s About How Smart You Are

A lot of people in this world with degrees, high IQs, and exceptional talent never accomplish anything worth mentioning.

Why? Because that’s not as big of a part of the equation as you were told growing up. It might help that you are smart, but it won’t get you over the hump of success if you don’t understand the rest of the formula.

5. You Haven’t Humbled Yourself With How Hard It Really Is

You shouldn’t be scared by what it takes, but it wouldn’t hurt to be humbled.

“We will learn that though we think big,” wrote Ryan Holiday, “we must act and live small in order to accomplish what we seek.”

Stay humble. Let your work speak for itself.

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