5 Cold Hard Truths On How You Achieve Success and Earn Good Money

It’s painfully difficult.

Chase Arbeiter
4 min readDec 7, 2021


It’s easy to lie to yourself.

You think success will come because “you deserve it.” Or, you think you’ve put your time in. I was that person for far too long. I thought the world owed me some success for all my pain and suffering.

Here are some cold hard truths on how you succeed in life, make money, and pursue goals that have meaning to you.

Success Is Never Easy

You might as well face the facts right now.

Success is hard. It will test you. You’ll want to quit many times. The more success you want, the more you’ll have to push yourself.

I tried to run around this, jump over it, outthink it, and even avoid it several times in my life. You can’t. Nobody can.

Whether you want to be the best damn writer on the internet or the top salesman in your company or the very best at baking cakes in the neighborhood, it’s all going to be painful.

Stop avoiding hard things. Attack problems in your life.

Your success may not be on the other side of those problems. It may just be the next step. Facing those challenges, taking those next steps, and attacking anything in your way is the only way through.

If you need to make the call, make the damn call. If you need to sit down and write, well, write. If you need to make more money, get out of debt, or build a business, start learning how with an obsession.

Whatever you do, don’t avoid the hard.

Success Is Never, Ever Guaranteed

Nothing will guarantee your success.

Not even hard work.

Sure, it’s the closest thing. I would tell you to start there. And never stop. Still, a lot of people around the world work hard. It doesn’t guarantee them success.

The hardest working people I’ve met in my life are not the wealthiest people I know. Hard work alone will not guarantee anything other than more work.

But I have learned that if you want to give yourself a chance at wealth, you better…



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