4 Important Lessons I’ve Learned In My Short Time Writing

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I’ve been posting on Medium and my website inconsistently for a few months. I’m working on developing a habit, first and foremost, and then at becoming the best writer I can. I have years and years of learning and growing ahead of me, and I’m well aware of that fact. I do not pretend to know anything, and what I do know is elementary, at best.

All that said, here are four lessons that stick out to me so far.

It’s Beyond Hard

I’m not sure what is beyond super freaking hard, but writing is even further beyond that. I knew writing would be hard. I counted on it. I expected it. I thought it would be the hardest challenge I’ve ever encountered. I was right, but I couldn’t’ have predicted to what extent.

A) Steven Pressfield was spot on when he wrote about resistance. It’s everywhere, and I feel a piece of it every day. B) Ideas are not easy to come by, and it’s like a whole other part of writing that is extremely difficult somedays and seems much smoother on other days. C) Satisfying myself is one of the hardest parts of writing. What I’ve learned is that if I wait for this, I will never post anything in my life. At some point, I have to post something.

It Makes Me Accountable

I’ve written several articles that come from a great place of what one should and can do to better their life — through lessons of my own. Every time I write one like this, I notice at some point in the next few days, I catch myself on the verge of not applying that lesson to my own life. Wow!!

This lesson alone has been such a great motivator and accountability exercise for me. I don’t at all pretend to know it all or have all the answers, not even close. But I do think it’s pretty simple to expect of myself, at the least, to consciously be aware of whether or not I’m applying what I’m writing.

If You Don’t Have An Outline, STOP

I used to start typing, which would lead to unplanned words, and never reveal the idea, as I wished. I outline everything I write now, and there are times that the outline doesn’t come together. My experience has been that this idea isn’t ready yet.

It needs more time to cook and simmer. This idea usually stays in my head — and, over time — it becomes something to write about, or it goes away, and it was never really something to write.

Despite The Difficulty, It’s Worth It

Writing challenges me in a way that I am grateful for, even though it’s difficult. It’s hard. It tests my desire to continue it and to work through it, which I embrace the opportunity to use that muscle.

It’s very, very early in my writing process. I realize I’m still in the infant stages, and time will reveal so much more genuine feelings about how I feel about writing. But right now, I’m confident in this process and have every desire each morning to continue my joy of working on this craft.

Here to share in my own words, the things that inspire me! chasearbeiter.net

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