3 Surprising Benefits From Approaching Life With A ‘Do Hard Things’ Mindset & Finishing A Marathon

Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash

It was probably one of the most impulsively foolish responses I’ve ever had.

“Let’s do it!” I said. Six months later, against all odds, I would cross the finish line of my first marathon. It was worth it. I wasn’t always sure during the process, all the grueling training, and in the middle of all the challenges.

Still, here are the surprising benefits I received from choosing to do something hard, even though I wasn’t ready.

I Gained Back Control of The “You Can’t Do It” Voice

There’s always a critic in your head.

Are you ignoring that voice or listening? Are you dictating who’s in control or letting that little voice decide? If you don’t let this voice know who’s boss, you will always be chasing your potential with a limp. Give yourself a chance and get in the habit of ignoring this lame voice.

I Left The Old Me Behind

It’s healthy to move on from the people we once were.

Forgive, forget, or move on, but don’t stay stuck in who you were. Focus on who you will become and who you are pursuing. Life is difficult enough, don’t add the pressure of staying true to who you once were. Be true to developing who you are on a mission to be.

I Got Comfortable With Uncomfortable

If you’ve ever been on runs that last over 2 hours, there’s a simple philosophy for when the pain sets in: get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

How many times would this mindset have benefited you in life? The challenging, grueling task at work? The tough season that your family is going through? Don’t let the world’s weight destroy your ability to still have joy at the moment.

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