3 Lessons Learned From 3 Years of Online Writing (As A Busy First Time Father)

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I thought every piece I wrote had to be incredible.

I started writing shortly after my daughter was born because I knew I had to pursue my dream or face admitting to her later in life that I never chased my dreams. But it wasn’t easy with everything that was on my plate. It always felt like there wasn’t enough time.

After 3 years, lots of mistakes, and 150+ articles later I realize the single greatest lesson is this:

Just Show Up Everyday

If you wait for the perfect timing, perfect writing routine, and for the world to create space for your writing…you’ll wait forever.

You are busy. You have limited time on your hands as a father with a full-time job. You have to build, whatever you can, by consistently showing up.

Here is how you can do that much more effectively than I did.

#1. Take small, consistent, and clear steps towards your goals.

Any progress you make today is worth it.

Write daily even if all you have is 30 minutes. Start with publishing at least 1 piece a week. Master publishing 1 piece a week before you do more.

#2. Place your focus on the process, not the results.

The only thing that matters in this stage is your process.

Create a clear order for how you create ideas, headlines, and structure of articles. Again, master these few tactics. Practice repeating this as many times as you can.

#3. Allow yourself to fail, be embarrassed, or hear crickets.

Your results don’t matter while you are building a process.

Hit publish. Send it out there for anybody or nobody to read. Your accomplishment is that you published, instead of hiding.

Whether you or anyone else thinks those pieces, in the beginning, are good or not doesn’t matter, because you showed up, hit publish, and you will improve.

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