21 Life ‘Cheat Codes’ That Will Lead To More Peace, Happiness, and Success

These tiny actions add up to a better more fulfilling life.

Filter Your Decisions Through Your ‘Future Self’

We all need a future self that we see and compare ourselves to. Matthew McConaughey talks about his hero being himself in 10 years. And never quite reaching that goal before the next target comes along.

Take Walks

Walks clear the mind, help us solve pesky problems, and nurture our creative side, which we all need, no matter our career or job.

Do Work That Has Purpose

Working isn’t always fun or inspiring, no matter what you are doing for a living. It’s necessary for the obvious like paying bills, taking care of our family, and contributing to society.

Read Daily Meditation Books

Mornings are a great time to read one little page about something that will make you a better person. Something to challenge you. Something to show you a tiny bit of wisdom. Something to push you to a better version of yourself.

Hydrate Throughout The Day

Drinking water throughout the day will keep you hydrated and healthier and help your energy levels throughout the day. No other beverage has those benefits without a downside.


Use your evenings as a time to rest from the world. Think less. Eliminate thoughts about work. Spend time with family. Watch an hour of pointless TV.

Focused Work > Lots of Hours

Concentrated work will always create more results than more hours of less focused work. Work hard in sprints, then recover. There are large amounts of data that back this up, and you know it’s true.

No Carbs Before Noon

Unless you train for marathons every morning or handle carbohydrates very differently than most of the world, it’s useful to avoid these before noon. You need to be your sharpest in the morning, and carbs make most people lethargic and steal energy and ambition.

Don’t Overthink Things

Make decisions. Take action. Think through both sides, but don’t overthink it. Most actions in life, even if they are colossal failures, will be recoverable.

Read Books

There is so much wisdom in these things, it’s unreal. Books are not always popular, ‘cool,’ or even that much fun sometimes. But that’s precisely why you should read books if you want to gain an advantage over your peers in life.

Follow Fewer Experts

There is so much noise and information available to consume in today’s world. It’s a bit overwhelming. It’s great to have many resources available, but you have to be able to filter what you truly need.

Set Goals In Peak States

Have you ever been on vacation looking at the most beautiful scenery? Lost your thoughts staring into the ocean? Or set on a mountainside watching the sun come up?

Use Goals To Stretch You

Goals should be more than a list of things you want to mark off a list. You have a to-do list for that dopamine hit.

If You Don’t Feel Pulled By Something, It’s Not For You

If you set a goal and you don’t almost immediately feel pulled to in a way that motivates your focus down to a level that nobody will stop you, then you don’t have the right goal for yourself.

Self-Awareness Is Very Important

Know your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t put it on other people to point these things out. Develop self-awareness and take the time to work on what you need to improve.

Manage Your Energy

There is a lot of discussion about how much sleep each person needs, and you can find plenty of articles for that if you want.

Take Cold Showers

It’s crazy, but they work. It doesn’t take a whole shower either, just top yourself off with 30 seconds to a minute.

Use Notecards

Remember, as a child, when you would use these things to learn subjects in school. They worked then, and they still work for multiple jobs.

  • Keep quotes you like.
  • Use them for the to-do list.
  • Write profiles of clients on them.
  • Use them to put articles together in your writing.
  • Use them as bookmarks or keep in your car for taking notes about podcasts.

Make Fewer Decisions

Find the things you like and go with them. Eat the same five meals. Wear the same kind of shirts and pants. Like a pair of shoes? Buy two pairs.

Create Productive Environments

Keep a clean closet. Clear your desk of junk — store healthy foods in the pantry.

Stack Up Days

Think about the most productive days you’ve had. You got some great work done, a good workout, spent time with loved ones, and read a great book.

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